SensaBubble: A Chrono-sensory Mid-Air Display of Sight and Smell

SensaBubble is a chrono-sensory mid-air display system that generates scented bubbles to deliver information to the user via a number of sensory modalities. The system reliably produces single bubbles of specific sizes along a directed path. Each bubble produced by SensaBubble is filled with fog containing a scent relevant to the notification. The chrono-sensory aspect of SensaBubble means that information is presented both temporally and multimodally. Temporal information is enabled through two forms of persistence: firstly, a visual display projected onto the bubble which only endures until it bursts; secondly, a scent released upon the bursting of the bubble slowly disperses and leaves a longer-lasting perceptible trace of the event. SensaBubble can be adapted for use in a wide range of application contexts – from an ambient peripheral display for persistent alerts, to an engaging display for gaming or education.

nominee2  SensaBubble has been selected to receive a SIGCHI Best of CHI Honorable Mention Award at CHI 2014.


Sue Ann Seah, Diego Martinez Plasencia, Peter Bennett, Abhijit Karnik, Vlad Otrocol, Jarrod Knibbe, Andy Cockburn, and Sriram Subramanian. SensaBubble: A Chrono-Sensory Mid-Air Display of Sight and Smell. Proceedings of ACM CHI 2014 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. Toronto, Canada. 2014. [pdf]



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