Cyber-twezers: Feeling the microscopic world

This project combines optical twezers with a tabletop system and a force feedback dataglove (Immersion Cybergrasp). This allows operators to see and interact with microscopic particles using their own hands. They can also feel the force they are exerting on the particles or tissues.

 Optical Tweezers

Tweezers are laser based optical traps that can apply significant forces on microscopic particles. Several traps can be created simultaneously and their 3D position can be independently controlled. By measuring the offset between the trapped element and the centre of the laser, we can measure the force that the tweezer is applying.


 Direct manipulation with Optcal Tweezers and force feedback

This project combines a tabletop to display the microscopic image and an Immersion Cyberforce to provide force feedback. Labview was used to control the microscope and optical tweezers and a C++ program was used to control the dataglove and track the hand usng ARToolkit Plus markers.

The system uses an asymetric interaction paradigm. The right hand wears the force feedback device, allowing users to control the tweezers in 3D and to feel the forces applied. The left hand s free, allowing users to use touch gestures on the tabletop for control tasks (e.g. selection, text entry).





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